Flying into Color by Helen Godden

Date: 6th and 7th March, 2018
Time: 9AM- 4PM
Class Fee: AED 1000

Class Description:

Enjoy the fun and colour of “Flying Into Colours” 2 day workshop with Helen Godden. With a choice of 3 designs, Helen will teach how to paint on black fabric using beautiful Metallic and Pearlescent paints called Lumiere. Day 2 Helen will demonstrate and assist as you micro quilt your painted design in Free-motion quilting and bring it to life. Then we paint back into our quilted patterns and Fly into Colour! No painting skills required - you will learn all you need to complete the project in 2 days, gain confidence and accomplish new skills.

Material List:
  1. Black cotton*, any batting and backing; 50cm x 70cm of each. * Black cotton that already has some sizing or starch is best and please don’t pre wash. Or if you bring 1m of black cotton, you can use half for the top and the other half as backing. If you prefer, the backing can be a bold plain homespun colour such as purple, red or orange or something fun, as students will be encourage to use black bobbin with black thread on top so the design is "drawn" on the back too.
  2. Sewing machine in good working order, Darning foot you must bring & extension table if you have one
  3. Black basic cotton or poly cotton thread – a brand that you know works well on your machine.
  4. Fabric chalk pencil or Ultimate Marker** to trace onto black fabric
  5. School Student style 12” rule
  6. Synthetic Taklon style brushes,** say 4mm and 8mm square and one round say size 8
  7. Sticky tape to join together the pages of design
  8. Masking tape to stick design and fabric to a window to trace
  9. If venue has no windows to use, a Light box for tracing will be required.
  10. Safety pins for sandwiching
  11. Plastic container to wash brush.
  12. Paper towel (half a roll is plenty)
  13. Old cutting mat to use as a painting surface on the table or plastic cover for table.
  14. Students will pay a $10 fee to Helen for the use of her paints during class. After class, paints can be purchased or ordered from Helen

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