Quilt Exhibitions

Dates : 11th - 13th February, 2016

Timings : 9AM - 9PM

We invite and encourage you to enter your quilt in our quilt exhibition/competition. By entering our exhibition/competition, you will:

Have your quilts reviewed and critiqued by a panel of internationally known and renowned quilt teachers. For 2016, we have the honor of having quilts judged by

By entering your quilt, your skill and creativity will have exposure in an international level. Additionally, your quilt will be eligible to win ribbons and prizes in a wide variety of categories

Share your quilt with spectators from within the quilting world, as well as those new to quilting arts. Your quilt may be the inspiration that propels a new and aspiring quilter to pick up a needle!

Have the opportunity to be a part of a dynamic and growing quilt show

IQS Dubai 2016 Categories of Competition

Category 1 - Traditional Quilts

Quilts based predominantly on traditional styles, patterns and techniques

Category 2 - Contemporary Quilts

Quilts that draw on the traditions of quilt making, through piecing, appliqué or wholecloth, but have an original one-of-a-kind element or approach. Makers may use non-traditional fabrics, fabric printing and dyeing, embellishment and/or unusual construction methods

Category 3 - Innovative/Art Quilts

Quilts designed as artwork, communicating an idea, emotion or concept through the use of textile and stitch. Quilts may or may not be pictorial or abstract, but must have a strong visual impact and a high quality of execution

Category 4 - 3D and Wearable Art

All entries in this category must qualify as clothing, wearable art or 3-dimensional pieces. Must have length, breadth or depth

Category 5 - Beginners

Quilts made by a quilter who has less than 2 years of experience in the art of quilt making

Category 6 - Group Quilts

A single quilt made by two or more than two makers

Category 7 - Themed Category- Arabian Nights

Quilts representing entrant’s interpretation of the theme “Arabian Nights”. Quilts will be judged as to the relevance of the theme as well as general quilt making execution. Quilts entered in this category can be traditional or art, and may include a variety of styles and embellishments, such as the creative use of threads, beads or jewels

Free Entrance and Open to All!

At the Ballroom of the Grand Excelsior Hotel, Bur Dubai

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