Rules and Procedures

1. Individuals may enter two quilts per category for the Show. All quilts must fall into one of the seven categories.

2. Quilts are required to have been finished over the last 2 years (since 2016). While quilts might have been started for more than 2 years ago, the completion date should be 2016 and beyond

3. Quilt Entry Form:

The Quilt Entry form is an online form that will be made active on the 1st of December 2017. This is the form that takes in all information that IQS will need for the quilt you are submitting for the exhibition. Each quilt requires its own form filled out.

In the form, apart from mandatory fields such as quilt dimensions, name of pattern and the references of design (if applicable), you must include an Artist Statement. The statement should be roughly 75 words or lesser, and must describe to the viewer the relationship between the quilt and the quilter, what inspired the quilter to select the particular design/technique and what the quilter is trying to convey through his/her quilt.

Along with the details of the entry form, participants are requested to send a picture of the quilt. If the quilt is not completed when the entry form is being filled out, the participant can send a picture via email to before 20th of February, 2017

4. Credit must be given to all individuals participating directly or indirectly in the quilt entered (e.g. pieced by, quilted by, books, authors, designers and so on)

5. A registration/ entry free of AED 100 (Roughly USD 28) must be paid for each quilt registered for the show

6. On registration, your quilt will be assigned a reference number. This is the main number that the IQS committee will use with respect to your entry. If you do not receive a confirmation email with your reference number, please write to and we will get back to you with the necessary information

7. Submission Deadlines:
  • a. Deadline for registering your Quilt for the show, via the online Quilt entry form- 15th February, 2018
  • b. Deadline for submitting the quilt with the organizers- 28th February, 2018

Please note: Organizers will not extend pre-set deadlines for quilt entries and submissions

8. Quilts for the show must arrive with labels. The label needs to be placed on the bottom left-hand corner, when the back of the quilt Is facing you. In the label, you are to include:

  • a. Name of the Quilt
  • b. Name of the quilt maker(s)
  • c. Dimension of the quilt: in inches or cm
  • d. Quilt reference number: which you will receive when you register your quilt

9. Each quilt must arrive to the organizer appropriately packed and clearly labeled.

10. Categories: Please ensure that your quilt is placed in the category that best fits the style and design of your quilt. The IQSD committee reserves the right to make changes in the category that you have enlisted during registration if we feel that the quilt fits best in the alternative category. Please view main website links to see the various categories

11. Late entries will not be accepted.

12. No entries via any other means apart from the online entry form will be official

13. Your accepted quilt and entry must be available with us from the 28th of February (latest) till the end of the Quilt Show i.e. 10th March 2018

  • a. Judging of quilts will take place on the 6th of March, 2018 before the show starts
  • b. Quilts will be displayed between the 9th and 10th of March 2018 at the Ballroom of the Grand Excelsior Hotel, Kuwait Street, BurDubai.

14. Insurance: Quilts in the show should be insured through the owner’s individual insurance company. The organizers will arrange an insurance for USD 250 against any major catastrophe from the time of receiving the quilt till when the quilt is sent back to the owner or their designated recipient.

15. Shipping Instructions:
  • Quilt delivery to IQSD (By or before February 28th, 2018)
    • Pack your quilts in the means you think best suits your quilt (based on size, use of embellishments and so on).
    • Ensure your quilt is labeled and the label is positioned in the correct area (please refer to point #7)
    • Following is the address where quilts are to be delivered (via post or personally) Classic Quilts & Quilting LLC Shop no 36/37, Jumeira Plaza, Beach Road Jumeira 1, P O Box 118128, Dubai, UAE. Tel: +971 4 349 7943
  • Quilt returns: Quilts will be taken down on the 10th of March, 2018 (end of day) and from then on, we will start organizing a return process On the Quilt Entry Form, you must elect whether
    • IQS delivers the quilt back to you, via shipping/ courier agents
    • You will come and collect the quilt from Classic Quilts and Quilting
    • You will collect the quilt as it being taken down from the show, at the venue of the competition
    • IQS needs to hand over the quilt to a designated recipient. The designated recipient’s name and contact number needs to be provided to us in this case Depending on what option you select, we will organize accordingly.
16. Payment Methods
  • You can pay for your quilt registration in the following methods:
    • Online payments (Links will be subsequently emailed to your registered email address and you may use your VISA/Mastercard to make your payments)
    • Pay by Cash or Card at The Classic Quilts and Quilting Showroom, in Jumaira Plaza, Jumeirah 1
    • Bank Transfer
      Classic Quilts & Quilting LLC
      IBAN: AE120330000010990002066
      MASHREQ BANK, Bur Juman Branch,
      Dubai, U.A.E.
      Swift Code: BOMLAEAD
    • Money exchange
      Transfer money to the following name
      Aishwarya Ramakrishnan
      (please spell the receiving name correctly, as above)
      27B Street, Dubai
      Inside Spinneys, Jumeirah 1
      04 252 2599

For any questions or comments, please contact IQS at or +9714 3497943

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