Creating Realistic Thread Painting Designs

Day and Date : Saturday, 29th February, 2020

Location : Roda Al Murooj Hotel, Downtown Dubai

Class Timings : 09:30- 16:30 *

* There will be a break in between for an hour for Lunch

Course Fee : AED 630 incl VAT



Want to give character to your characters? Realistic designs are achieved by incorporating shadows and highlights into a design/ Learn the design parameters required to shade and highlight with thread to create realism. All aspects of each design are demoed via camera and projector so it is almost like having a private lesson with me. A preprinted design easily guides you through each step. So, come see how easy the process is and how much fun creating designs in thread can be!


Materials List

Thread Painting Thread – 40 weight rayon or polyester
  • Hat – Light, medium and dark gold
  • Shirt – White & light blue or gray
  • Overalls – Dark, medium and light jeans blue, blue/green, dark Navy blue
  • Tree trunk – Variegated brown
  • Tree canopy – Variegated medium olive green
  • Bring additional rayon or polyester threads in green, gray, brown, blue in your stash
  • Pre-wind (1) bobbin with 60 weight gray or white bobbin fill

NOTE : No thread had been listed for the face and arms as a 100 weight thread is recommended. This will be discussed in the workshop.

  • 6" wooden or plastic machine embroidery hoop (available for sale in workshop)
  • Basic sewing supplies – scissors, 80/12 or 91/14 machine needles, tweezers, etc
  • Bring a muslin practice piece if you would like to practice first.
  • Sewing machine
  • Please know how your machine works and make sure it is in good working order before class. For thread painting you will need to know how to drop the feed dogs, how to adjust your machine for free-motion machine embroidery, how to change the upper tension and know where to change the width on the zigzag stitch. If you are unsure of these machine adjustments, please check with your machine dealer before class. A solid sewing platform is recommended. You will need a zigzag throat plate. Thanks for checking this out before class.
  • Open toe free motion foot such as #24 for Bernina or a stippling open toe foot for Viking. It is important to see what you are stitching and where the next stitches are going so select the best foot you can for visibility. Visibility on machines with a clear oval plastic foot is practically zero. Cutting away between the two red lines on this type foot works on most machines. Check with your machine dealer for optional free motion feet.
  • Black permanent ultra fine point marker
  • Embroidery or extra bobbin case (only if you have one)
  • Magnifier – only if you have one and you have difficulty seeing
Workshop Kit Fee : $28.00 OR 102.85 UAE Dirham Kit includes :
  • pieces printed stabilizer
  • pieces gray tulle
  • pieces stabilizer backing
  • Background fabric
  • Pattern on CD

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