International Quilt Show 2016

11th - 13th February, 2016


In 2016, The International Quilt Show of Dubai ran its course for the 5th time from the 11th-13th of February, and we were absolutely stunned by the beautiful quilts that came from all over the world, and converted a seemingly ordinary Hotel BallRoom into an artistic experience that a region such as ours has never witnessed before.

It was an honor to host so many quilters from all over the Gulf region, from India, Pakistan, and very interestingly, some from the US and from Europe. We anticipate this being a start of the world recognizing our show as a place to be at the first quarter of the year and we hope to grow this into a better feat in the year 2018.

We won’t forget to thank our teaching crew: Paula Nadelstern, Sue Nickels, Rosa Rojas, and Nancy Prince for not just creating a wave of skill enhancement and new ideas, but also for putting in their spirit and energy into our show.

If you missed out, we hope you can enjoy our experience by viewing the entire Quilt Gallery , and if you wanted to know who won what, here is the winners column!

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