The Cindy Needham Retreat!

The Cindy Needham Retreat was a fabulous week for all of us who did attend it. We thank EVERYONE who came and attended the show. Whether you got to us through road or flight, we really love every single one of you who supported our organization and event- it makes us want to do more and more, year after year!

Looking back at those four days, we really have so many stories to share. Be it the grand atmosphere we had access to for the Trunk Show, or the buzzing energy in the classes that were run in the Hilton Abu Dhabi and the Grand Excelsior in Dubai, we truly learnt a lot, and hope to see Cindy's teachings transcend into your quilts in the future!

View the pictures for the event below, and stay in touch with us via email or call!

Best Wishes, and lots of Love

Aishwarya Ramakrishnan
Cindy Needham Retreat 2015
Phone: +9714 3497943

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