Art Quilts

  • Art Quilts are original designs are using uses color, design, and construction techniques to create a work that expands beyond traditional quilt patterns.
  • Designs are fresh and original, with no copying of patterns used previously by other artists. Typically, art quilts feature abstract, nature scenes, portraits, paintings, whimsical interpretations and so on.
  • Your Art Quilt must have 3 well defined layers, with stitching going through all layers to qualify as a Quilt.
  • If your quilt is 3-D Quilt, and has interesting embellishments, please make sure to define three layers of sewing for us to qualify it as a quilt in the art category.
  • Quilting may be done in any kind of machine- domestic sewing machine, sit down long arm machines and standup movable long arm machines
  • Quilts can be quilted by long arm quilting businesses/friends. These details will be asked for in the quilt entry form.
  • Size Restriction of quilts- Should not exceed 2.5 meters in Height.

Please note, if you are confused on which category to register your quilt in, the Quilt Show committee will guide you. If you enter your quilt in a wrong category, we will reallocate to the appropriate category as per the Quilt Category Guidelines.

In 2020, Art was split as Pictural and Generic. In our 2024 Show, we will have one category to encompass all Art Quilts. Below is just a representation of the First Prize Winners for previous Show’s Art Category(s):

First place Winner for Art Quilt (Pictural) in our 2020 Show

Boy With Boots
Quilt Name: Boy With Boots (Pictural Art Quilt)
Quilter’s Name: Susan Van Goetham

First Place Winner for Art Quilt (Generic) in our 2020 Show

Beauty of the Desert
Quilt Name: Beauty of the Desert
Quilter’s Name: Ibtisam Shaban

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