About Pam Holland

This March, take an opportunity to learn from a very experienced, multi-technique-teaching, and fun-loving Australian quilter by the name Pam Holland. With more than 25 years in the game, and with lots of adventure-filled stories acquired over decades of travel, Pam will take you through fabulous methods to bring out your artistic side of quilting (and will definitely make that process a fun one!)

Here is a little more about Pam, in her own words

“I’ve been teaching quilting and textile art for a long time, at least 25 years now. My ideas and techniques have changed a great deal over that time and I now work mainly from my own photographic imagery which I transfer to cloth in one way or another.

I see myself as a journalist in fabric. Each quilt tells a story.

I teach multiple processes in each quilt which adds to its distinctive effect. However, some of my quilts echo the traditions of traditional quilt making and a cultural distinctiveness.

I have been nominated and finalist as The ICAP teacher of the year several times. I’m yet to win the top prize, but I think being nominated by my students and peers is an honour. I was also lucky enough to win the Jewel Pearce Patterson Scholarship for international quilt teachers through IQA.

I’ve taught all over the globe and I love the challenge of teaching in another language. I’m thrilled to say that many of my students have gone on to become Tutors and proven winners in their own right and this teacher for one is very proud”

- Source: www.iampamholland.com

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