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Debby doesn’t remember life without some form of needle arts. She crocheted and cross-stitched when she was very young and all through school she knit and sewed her own clothing. After Debby married and had children she met a neighbor who was a talented quilter. Debby was an avid student and learned about rotary cutters and quarter-inch seams.

Debby's first trip to the local quilt shop told her she had found her home. Her first quilts were simple four-patches in basic color combinations. She quilted a few on her home sewing machine before taking the plunge and learning to hand-quilt.

Debby started hand-quilting for other quilters and soon had a long waiting list. Many of her customers asked if she was going to ‘get a longarm’ so she could finish their quilts faster. A longarm? What’s a longarm? The local quilt shop owner and (soon to be mentor), Cathy Anderson of the Quilt Basket, told Debby about longarm quilting machines and helped Debby create a business finishing quilts for other people. Thus began a creative working relationship.

Debby mastered the art of the longarm and was recruited by Handi Quilter to become a teacher. Debby continues to teach, run workshops and retreats, and write books and articles.Her first book, Beyond the Lines, received wide acclaim and made Debby a national author. Since that time, Debby has penned a second book, Borders and Beyond.

Debby is now working on her third book which is due to be completed early next year. "Debby's love of quilting is infectious", said one loyal student at a recent book signing, "Once you read and use one, you have to get all of her books".

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