IQSD 2014 Theme: “Seasons” - Winners

Winners for IQS Dubai 2014, as per judging done by Ricky Tims and Ina Meyer




Long arm quilted


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      Ricky Tims

      Ricky Tims is known in the international world of quilting as an enthusiastic and encouraging teacher, an award-winning quilter, and a talented and spellbinding speaker... More

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      Cindy Needham

      Cindy has been a quilter for 42 years. She devoted the first 25 years to hand quilting and the last 17 to machine quilting... More

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      Ina Meyer

      Ina made her first quilt in 1977 with fabric that was bought at stalls in Empangeni. This quilt did not last very long!... More

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      Debby Brown

      Debby doesn’t remember life without some form of needle arts. She crocheted and cross-stitched when she was very young and all through school she knit and sewed her own clothing... More

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